Top Mobile Photography Tips You Should Know

Before the Smartphones, we were bound to take pictures from cameras. And for that either we need to hire a photographer or purchase the camera, which was too expensive. Thanks to the new era of technology that we have smartphones in our hand. Now we can click, edit and post the pictures via our phones.

You must have seen social media full of beautiful pictures of your friends and family. You must be wonder how they click their picture so perfectly? While you don’t found anyone to click our pictures. What is the secrete of such beautiful clicks? Let’s find out some awesome Tips and Ticks of mobile photography to get a cool click.

Use Gridlines


Basically, this gridline feature is based on “Rule of Third” or “Rule of Thumb”. According to this theory, the image should be divided into nine equal parts, and then if the image covers the points of interest in these intersections or along the lines, your picture will be balanced and will look more beautiful. This is the best feature for mobile photography.

You can find this option in your camera settings.

Set the Focus


If you want to click a wonderful picture than you must set your camera focus to the object which is going to be captured. If you don’t set the focus the picture may get blurred, while a clear picture looks more beautiful. So whenever you click the picture tap on the screen to let your camera focus the lance to the directed point.

Use HDR to Give Details

HDR Mode

If you want to have a clear and detailed picture you should use the HDR feature. It gives greater detail to bright and dark areas in your picture. In simple words, if you want to capture a scene with some dark areas and some bright area, with the use of HDR you can click a photo that has even quality or brightness in both areas.

Be Creative with Angle


Angle play an important roll in creating beauty into the images. Just play smartly with angle and make your picture perfect. Always take care you capture full object and not the useless background. Many people do this silly mistake they never notice that they are capturing background more than the object.

Play with Reflection


Be creative and play with reflections. Click the picture in the reflection of water and mirror. It will add more beauty to your picture than an ordinary photo.

Don’t Forget to Portrait


Portrait mode enhances the beauty of photography and also add the DSLR effect to your picture. Also, it is a savior if you are in an awkward background.

Follow these amazing tips and click some awesome pictures and surprise your friends with it. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. For more useful tips regarding beauty, fashion and lifestyle stay tunned.

Be Bold and Beautiful!

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